James Turrell - Wide Out (1998)
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The Barr Brothers
Even the Darkness Has Arms
joanne is on fire tonight
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New Mexico, 1941.Photograph by B. Anthony Stewart, National Geographic Creative
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A97413_34A on Flickr.
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Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, 1818, oil on canvas, 94.8 x 74.8 cm, Kunsthalle Hamburg. Source
The painting that defines the art of the German Romanticists, Friedrich’s Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog is a depiction of the artist surveying a mountainous landscape bathed in fog from a rocky vantage point. The viewer is encouraged to immerse themselves in the sublime beauty of nature, just as Friedrich is doing, and to take a step back from the corruption and hollowness of modern society.
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Canvas  by  andbamnan